Notice #7: What the fuck?

Gif Pokemon animado enojado kawaii frustrado

I’m really angry. And even this animated gif even not represents my anger. Why? Because a person who helped us with the translation of a chapter threatened us to talk to a lawyer because we get confused and in the credits we use his real name (by mistake). The most logical thing is to write us, saying, “Could change the name for a fantasy name, please because it’s my real name and do not want to appear”. Is not it a right way to address a person? Besides I did not on purpose. But she told me:

I never gave you permission to use my real name. I specifically told you to use my internet chosen name. I will report you to a lawyer, and we will find you via your IP address if this is not resolved immediately.

Remove that and any page with my real name on it on your own scanlation site and you are responsible for any scans uploaded on mangafox, manga helper, etc. You have one week to resolve this issue or I will have a lawyer with me and I will charge you for privacy infringement, end of story.

For this reason, I am going to ask a favor, to all our readers and the people who run online sites like: MangaFox, Mangago, Batoto, etc, that change the credits in Chapter 9 of “Ten Count” by these new that I leave then.
If not, unfortunately, thanks to this type of people, we have to close the group because we not want have legal problems. It hurts so much that everything has gone so far. And all because no one can speak civilly without threat. Do they think that you do things on purpose? They never in life suffered mistakes? And what do they do?
Ever they respond well? With threats?

The truth i’m angry and disappointed.

Release #58: More love for all~ (?)

Today we bring to all tastes. A new Yaoi manga and a new Shoujo manga. I hope you had a lovely Easter week. We were very busy, but we always make space for this cute hobby.

Soon we will nicest surprises. But as I said earlier, we need a lot of your help. Especially Japanese translators and experienced cleaner. Just have a cleaner. Those who help us a lot are foreign groups in exchange for permits. So we can draw several mangas for this. {}

We accept joint by foreign groups in exchange for cleaning. Anyway, well revise the manga and the possibilities we have. Equally, this topic is spoken in private depending on the request. We may decline as accept.

We also need a designer that us can help with recruiting posters. Also to show the projects, etc.

The Bride is Seventeen 一Hanayome wa 17-sai Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released–
Rental Hearts Vol 1. Rental 1 –Released

The Bride is Seventeen 一Hanayome wa 17-sai

Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
Alternate Name: Hanayome wa 17-sai 花嫁は十七歳/
17-year-old Bride The Bride is Seventeen/
Hanayome wa Juunanasai Hanayome wa Juu nana sai/
Hanayome wa Jū nana-sai
Status: 2 Volume (Ongoing)
Magazine: [AQUA Comics]
Artist: Mio Junta
Author: Kyoko Wakatsuki

Traslated in Italian: Shoujonk Team
Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in French: Michi Yujo
Traslated in Portugese: Boy’s Love Scanlations
Traslated in Russian: «Riddle»

Summary: Soon…


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1: Here
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Rental Hearts

Type: Manga
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
Alternate Name: レンタルハーツ
Status: 3 Volume (Complete)
Magazine: Asuka (Kadokawa Shoten)
Artist: OTONAKA Sawaki
Author: OTONAKA Sawaki

Traslated in Italian: Shoujonk Team
Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in French: Cherryblossomteam


Amamiya Nonoka is a human that can see spirits. Because of the strange ability she posseses, she has no friends at school at all. Suddenly, one day two handsome brothers appear in front of the lonely Nonoka. Aki and Kou, the two of them came to borrow Nonoka’s “strange ability”? Not to mention, they are renting parts of their bodies to continue living… [Starry Heaven]


// Volume 1 //

Rental 1: Here
Rental 2:
Rental 3:

Release #57: We come back with new surprises~

Hi all~

Today we bring you a few chapters. We want to thank to Fantaisy, a new editor who is helping us a lot. We will be updating many mangas throughout the month, but we need more help. We have acquired many mangas in French, so we need French-English translators. Besides cleaner very experienced, providers scans and Japanese translators.

Hana to Chou Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released
Saiyaku wa Boku o Suki Sugiru Vol 3. Chapter 15 –Released
Stand by Me! Vol 1. Chapter 2 –Released
Tsukiatte Agete mo Ii n Dakara ne Vol 1. Chapter 2 –Released
Renai Prism Vol 1. Chapter 2 –Released

Hana to Chou

Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports, Yaoi
Alternate Name: Hana to Chou ✿ Hana to Hirari
花と蝶/ 花と蝶 (ひらり)/ はなとひらり
Flower (Flowers) and (&) Butterfly (Butterflies)
Status: 1 Chapter (Ongoing)
Magazine: CIEL (シエル)
Artist: Takanaga Hinako
Author: Takanaga Hinako

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Translated in Italian: Manga Cosmo
Traslated in Portuguese: Yaoi Toshokan




// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1: Here
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Release #56: Happy Valentine~

I hope you all had a lovely day of love and friendship. We are pleased to share, today, two beautiful mangas we join the family. On the one hand we have Shikigami Danshi, a hilarious story and loving. On the other hand, we have Seiyaku. After all this time he was detained history, we decided to continue it. We hope you continue to enjoy with us this intriguing story. As always, we thank all the staff who always strives and give their best. We have added a new section. I will only say that it was necessary.

We need urgently:

❤ Cleaner and Redraw with experience.

❤ Proofreader

❤ Typesetter

❤ Raw  Provider

Saiyaku wa Boku o Suki Sugiru Vol 3. Chapter 14 –Released
Shikigami Danshi Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released
Ten Count Vol 3. Chapters 18-18.5 –Released