Release #79: How long!

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How have you been? We have not updated for some time now. Besides that, we have run out translator of Japanese, we need a very urgent one.
In these beautiful updates we bring you 5 mangas, including one that we had not updated a long time ago, I mean Koi no Jumon, and we ended up with Renai Prism, a beautiful story. We regret not having updated as promised and leaving them with the intrigue, but to the extent that we can, we will try to update more often, as I always say, every two or three months.

Before letting them enjoy reading, I repeat that we need Japanese translator for the following mangas: 5nin, Hanayome, Ballad, among others. It would be great if they also help us with the editing or cleaning. We have very little staff, almost nothing, but we want to continue giving them beautiful stories to entertain and share.

See you in the next update-

hana 5 nin no Ou Vol 1. Chapter 9 –Released
Ballad x Opera Vol 1. Chapter 3 –Released
Yasashiku Koroshite, Boku no Kokoro o. Vol 1. Chapter 4 –Released–
Renai Prism Vol 1. Extras, END –Released
Koi no Jumon Vol 1. Chapter 2 –Released

Release #78: A new year!

How are you guys? Finally we can update and start the new year that awaits us ahead. I hope that all your dreams are fulfilled and that this year only brings you good things. We have been slow to update because we need more Japanese translators and an experienced cleaner to help us, it is extremely urgent.
On the other hand, I wanted to tell you that we are very happy because we have finished the first volume of Kyoushi, we will soon start the second volume, thanks to Fantaisy’s scans. Also come back after a long time Hanayome, we hope to bring you more chapters soon. We thank our new editor, Clarie. Thanks to her we have updated several chapters.

Before leaving, I remind you that we desperately need Japanese translators for new projects and to be able to finish more quickly the ones we already have. Now yes, enjoy. See you soon!

Kyoushi no Junjou Seito no Yokubou Vol 1. Chapter 6, 7 –Released
5 nin no Ou Vol 1. Chapter 8 –Released
Hanayome wa 17-sai Vol 1. Chapter 6, 7 –Released

Release #77: Happy Halloween!

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Hi, how are you all? We hope you had a dark Halloween. Finally we can update, daily life, the university and lack of staff do not allow us to update all the times we want, but we do the best we can with a lot of love and dedication so they can read their favorite mangas. On this day we bring you a new manga from our beloved Samamiya, full of fantasy. We thank our translator Monn who helped us with this project. We also bring another succulent chapter of kyoushi and the beginning of the second volume of 5-nin, you can not miss it, this story is getting better and better.

On the other hand, we remind you that we need more Japanese translators and cleaner, especially Redraw. Now yes, enjoy this update a lot.

Finally we bring you another new manga, the sequel to Hatsujou, we love this beautiful story of wolves. We are working with our friends from YaoiSM 801, so we thank your staff for the hard work: LovelyRabbits, Cleaner Midoriyafree and Artxious for numbering.

Treat or trick!

Ballad x Opera Vol 1. Chapter 1-2 –Released
Yokujou (Iwamoto Kaoru). Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released
Kyoushi no Junjou Seito no Yokubou Vol 1. Chapter 5 –Released
5 nin no Ou Vol 2. Chapter 7 –Released

Ballad x Opera

Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo
Alternate Name: バラッド×オペラ
Status: 3 Volumes (Ongoing)
Magazine: Asuka (Kadokawa Shoten)
Mangaka: Samamiya Akaza

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub


An angel and a demon who’re conducting a mission on earth end up killing a human named Haruto by mistake. Haruto, who has no reason to live, accepts death… But for some inexplicable reason, his soul can’t go to heaven and he becomes a wandering soul. With a mission to accomplish and the guilt of having killed someone weighing heavily on him, the angel asks Haruto to become a Shinigami and help them out. In exchange, he promises to give Haruto something that will change his ‘life’ and his future forever.


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1: Comedy and Tragedy
Chapter 2: The morning I got reborn
Chapter 3: The dam of feelings in my heart will one day
Chapter 4: Melancholy

Release #76: A beautiful day!

After a long time, we have returned with this beautiful update for all of you. We hope you enjoy it because we do it with a lot of love. We have little staff and we need your help. If you know Japanese or have cleaning skills, this is your chance to help us get the mangas you like much faster. Today we bring you to a new chapter of Kyoushi, which had not been updated a long time ago. In addition to another interesting chapter of 5-nin and another chapter of Yasashiku. Remember that we will try to update every two or three months, according to the occupations we have. We feel the delay, but we will never die. That is sure.

Yasashiku Koroshite, Boku no Kokoro o. Vol 1. Chapter 3 –Released
Kyoushi no Junjou Seito no Yokubou Vol 1. Chapter 4 –Released
5 nin no Ou Vol 1. Chapter 6 –Released

Release #75: We came back!

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Hello how have they been? We do not see each other since Christmas last year. We hope they had a beautiful easter. Today we share a manga that we have not updated for a long time, I’m talking about Shikigami Danshi. Also we bring you another chapter of 5-nin and Renai. This last manga we almost finished it, we only lack the extras, so we are very happy about that.

If you want the sleeves to go faster, we need you to help us. If you know Japanese, you like to edit or you know how to clean, what do you expect to join?

Remember that being very few in the staff, we will update every two or three months, if we can. Maybe it’s less months, maybe more. We do not know.

We hope you enjoy it very much, since everything was done with love.

Shikigami Danshi Vol 1. Chapter 6 –Released
5 nin no Ou Vol 1. Chapter 5 –Released
Renai Prism Vol 1. Chapter 5 –Released