Release # 2 ~Merry Christmas~!!

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I regret having written this post later, having spent Christmas Day without upgrading, but a day later finally get our second release. Hope you enjoy it as much as us.

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This is a new fun manga that we are pleased to share with you all.

Issho ni Gohan -Takitate- Vol 1. Chapter 1 -Released-

Issho ni Gohan -Takitate-

Type: Manga
Genre: Josei, Slice of Life
Alternate Name: Dinner Together!
Status: 2 volume (Complete)
Magazine: Zero Sum Online
Artist: Maruyama Noriko
Author: Avex Entertainmen

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Translated into French: MagicScan
Traslated in Portuguese: Datenshi Scanlation
Traslated in Italian: DC scanlations



Yoneda Hikari, a business student at the culinary school, was tricked into giving up his dorm room and now has to share an apartment with 8 other people. Yoneda is hopeless at cooking; the only thing he can make is Miso soup. But his optimistic and kind hearted nature draw other residence to him, including Karasawa-san, also known as “curry man”. From the moment Yoneda stepped his foot into this boarding house his everyday life became full of adventure. Can Yoneda get along with this diverse group of people and make a home for himself?!


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1 –Here
Chapter 2 –Here
Chapter 3 –Here
Chapter 4 –Here
Chapter 5 –Here
Chapter 6 –Here
Chapter 7 –Here
Chapter 8 –Here
Chapter 9: –Here

// Volume 2 //

Chapter 10: –Here
Chapter 11: –Here
Chapter 12: –Here
Chapter 13: –Here



Do you allow sites such as MangaFox and MangaReader to host your projects?

Yes; unless the project has been licensed for US distribution, we do allow our projects to be uploaded onto hosting sites.

I’m from another scanlation group; are you interested in joint projects?

Of course! If you would like to inquire about doing a project with us, please contact me.

When will the next chapter of ” __________” be out?

Us strives to bring you fast releases of our projects, but our staff members do have lives. So please, don’t ask us this as it can get annoying after a while.

Can I help?

Sure! Since we are new we do not have the staff consists of what we will need all the beautiful people who want to join.

Do we allow our mangas re-translate into other languages​​?

Yes, except the Spanish. We have no problem as long as they respect our conditions set out below:

-Do not remove our credit
-Do not remove our watermark (that means, do not add your own watermark)
-NO Submanga upload it. With the rest no problem (which is Batoto prefer).

Obviously you must send an email specifying which project you want, leaving your data (name of your group, a link to your site or forum language that will be re-translated and if you need our raws and translations). If it does miss some information that will lead to not give them permission.

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Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Josei
Alternate Name: スクラッチ!!
Status: 1 volume (ongoing)
Original Publisher: Ichijinsha (serialized in Zero-Sum Online)
Artist: Chatani Rumi
Author: Kitsuneya Soumei
Joint: Cave Scanlations

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Translated in Russian: Kinoko Translations
Translated in French: Michi no yume
Translated in Portuguese: Tomodachi-Scans


Welcome to Harmonia Music Academy, a top-class, world-renowned institution of higher learning for musically gifted students and future defenders of mankind. Yes, that’s right – heroes called “Scratch” to defend humanity. We meet our three unlikely heroes, Shuon Tempermento, Calma Perdentosi and Energico Apassio as they completely and utterly fail a critical Scratch placement exam without scoring so much as a single point. “The Problematic Trio”, as they have come to be known, will have to pull together to resolve Shoun’s brother’s mysterious disappearance, the threat of impending war and cope with their own personal turmoil, all while their school careers are on the line. What will happen to them from now on?


Chapter 1 –Here
Chapter 2 –Here
Chapter 3 –Here
Chapter 4 –Here
Chapter 5 –Here
Chapter 6 –Here

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Release # 1 -Inauguration-

We welcome you to our first upgrade. We are pleased to give the first chapter, which we have worked with Cave Scanlations. We thank you very much because without them we would not have been able, in addition Shuiyu_chan, who is a group in English called “Sweet Yaoi Fansub”. This group in Spanish, is also ours. This would be the English version. We hope you visit us often as much as CS, because we will bring more surprises for Halloween. Now, I leave you with the chapter.

Scratch!! Vol 1. Chapter 1 -Released- (At the forum)