Release # 8: Bon appetit!


Hi all. I am very happy to be updating today after a laborious week. What we bring you today, are more chapters to Issho also Chapter 3 of Scratch, in joint with our brother: ‘Cave Scanlations’.

Among the good news, a cleaner has joined us, so we thank Arisa_ryeo. But anyway we still need staff. Chinese translators and cleaners to work on proposals that have left us by mail.

Enjoy these beautiful stories and stay pending, because we have received the raws we expected to start work. Stay tuned, have been many surprises.

Special thanks to: Salvokitty for making possible all these chapters of issho.


Issho ni Gohan -Takitate- Vol 1. Chapter 5-8 -Released-
Scratch!! Vol 1. Chapter 3 -Released-

Notice # 2 ~We need cleaners~

If you want us to get faster mangas, so you can enjoy your reading, please join and help us catch up on work. We have many translations, but in order to advance, we need more CLEANER. We only have two people working on this position and one of them is even a translator. We can not go on this way to the loading staff. So if you like our releases know more caring.

Please, if you have experience in cleaning or re-draw manga and would like to join to make this a larger group, we will be waiting. Remember your favorite manga are asking for your help so you can continue reading.


Release # 7: Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello to all. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day and pass it along to the person they love. Here we bring you another beautiful chapter Torikago. We hope you enjoy it as much as us.

More urgent need of Chinese traducotres experienced and cleaner for new projects.

On the other hand I wanted to say that you will soon be releasing a new manga surprise.

Torikago Syndrome!! Vol 1. Chapter 2 –Released

Clarification: In the first chapter we have confused with the name of one of the characters, so we have taken out a second version of the same chapter correcting that mistake. We are very grateful for having such detail.

Release # 6: Another joint with our sister group~

Hello girls and boys!

I am very happy to introduce a new joint project with our brothers ‘Cave Scanlations’. You can not miss this fantastic story full of adventure and mystery. It is highly recommended.

On the other hand, we still need more translators of Chinese and Korean in addition to cleaner with new and beautiful experience for mangas.

HAL Vol 1. Chapter 1 -Released-


Type: Manga
Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Supernatural, Psychological
Alternate Name: Haru
Status: 1 volume (Complete)
Magazine: Ribon Fantasy
Artist: Makino Aoi
Author: Makino Aoi
Joint: Cave Scanlations (Scans and Translations)

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in French: Black Butterfly
Traslated in Italian: Lovely Scans
Traslated in Russian: Kinoko Translations


When there is darkness in your heart, when you want someone to disappear, he will find you and grant your wish…
Shizuku is used to being the best at everything, but when a transfer student comes to steal her spotlight, she is overcome with jealousy. Hal, a death god, offers her a bargain–he’ll kill three people for her–and by kill, he means he’ll make it so they never existed. All she has to do is say the word.
But when Shizuku gives in to temptation, there will be consequences…


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1 –Here
Chapter 2 –Here
Chapter 3 –Here
Chapter 4 [End]-Here