Release # 11: Poll results + a call for help \(◕﹏◕✿)/

Here we bring you the winners of the survey. It was very close, but there were two races that were to the head. So we decided to bring both.

We hope you enjoy a lot of these chapters. And to thank them for their cooperation SASscans us, without them there would be possible.

On the other hand, I’m sorry to report that ALL our staff is inactive for studies and stuff, so we need urgently EVERYTHING. Especially translators of Japanese, Chinese and French. Cleaner and re-draw experience and RAW PROVIDER.


Torikago Syndrome!! Vol 1. Chapter 3 -Released-
Danshaku no Aijin Vol 1. Chapter 2 -Released-

Attention: we have once again raised the Torikago chapter because on page 27 missing translations. Thank you very much for the correction Kleio.

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Release # 11: Itadakimasu~!

Finally after a few days without updating gives me time to get you anything.

I’m so happy because we almost at the end of this hilarious story.
This update came through Salvokitty, Miss otaku kalie, and myself of course.

On the other hand, wanted to let you know that we need more staff urgently.

Vacancies are all but proofreaders.Help, please!

Issho ni Gohan -Takitate- Vol 1. Chapter 9-12 (Finish vol. 1) -Released-


Emergency Order.

We need translators-Jap-Eng / ch-eng translator (for different genres)
-Re-draw and cleaner

Maybe in the next update we bring them some Yaoi. But to make it more fun to leave them a survey and then you will decide that manga.