Release # 14: Do you love me? (≧3≦)


Hello to all our beautiful readers.

Today we bring you a preview and then another beautiful manga. Karuna also wanted to thank you for joining as Portuguese-English translator, and thanks to them we will draw on the Dia Game on mang joint with Kagerou Scans. Stay tuned to our releases. I also wanted to thank Kam Ka because it offered to buy three sets of Ohya Kazumi and provide translations of the same. Furthermore, we present Zephynel, our new Chinese translator. Give him a warm welcome. I hope you will join us in our long journey for a long time.

But not all good news. We desperately looking for Chinese and Japanese translators fixed for all genres. Since our current Japanese translator can not yet and soon will they go about their work of expectant mother. But do not worry the groups that have joints, because standing and none will be canceled.

In closing, we need a Chinese translator who likes Kazumi Ohya mangaka to Stand by me! We know that your sleeves are always a lot of text, so we ask that fanatical of this author, to come and help, please.


Soshite Bokura wa Koi o Suru Vol 1. Chapter 1Released
Issho ni Gohan -Takitate- Vol 1. Chapter 13Released


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