Release #25.5: Are workaholics xD

As promised. We told them that in a few hours we would bring about new releases, so here they are. Enjoy and thank the staff who always tries too hard to make them happy.

We need Chinese or Japanese translators, plus cleaners and redrawers with experience, typesseters and people that know how to put color to the scans.


Kenshuui wa Koakuma to Odoru Vol 1. Chapter 1Released
Ten Count Vol 1. Chapters 1-2Released

Kenshuui wa Koakuma to Odoru

Type: Manga
Genre: Romance, Yaoi
Alternate Name: Kensyuui wa Koakuma to Odoru
Status: 1 volume (Complete)
Magazine: Dear+ (Shinshokan)
Artist: Makoto Tateno
Author: Makoto Tateno

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub



// Volume 1 //

Step 1-Here
Step 2-
Step 3-
Step 4-[End]

Licensed by DMP.
Attention: We have released this first chapter we do not want to waste our staff work, but we will not get the rest of the chapters. So, support the mangaka by buying the manga.

Ten Count

Type: Manga Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Alternate Name: 10 COUNT
Status: 1 volume ongoing
Magazine: Dear+ (Shinshokan)
Artist: Takarai Rihito
Author: Takarai Rihito
Joint: Himawari

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in Russian: Himawari
Traslated in French: Michi Yujo
Traslated in Italian: Eternal Desire Team
Traslated in Portuguese: Fascínio asiático
Traslated in Grecian: Greek Otaku Team

Summary: …… Soon


// Volume 1 //
Count 01: –Here
Count 02: –Here
Count 2.5: –Here
Count 03: –Here
Count 03 v2: –Here
Count 04: –Here
Count 05: –Here
Count 06: –Here
Count 06.5: In progress… Bonus 1: –Here
Bonus 2: In Progress…

// Volume 2 //
Count 07: –Here
Count 08: –Here
Count 09: –Here
Count 10: –Here
Count 11: –Here
Count 12: –Here
Count 13: –Here

// Volume 3 //
Count 14: –Here
Count 15: –Here
Count 16: –Here
Count 17: –Here
Count 18: –Here
Count 18.5: –Here

// Volume 4 //
Count 19: –Here
Count 20: –Here

Release #25: Samamiya Akaza forever!

Hello to everyone. Today we bring you the continuation of two beautiful stories. Both of our beloved Samamiya. We hope you enjoy a lot. In the next updates that will be tomorrow, we will bring you a beautiful surprise, which I will not say anything about to maintain the mystery.
We need Chinese or Japanese translators, plus cleaners and redrawers with experience, typesseters and people that know how to put color to the scans.

We add a manga debut in a few hours.


Torikago Syndrome!! Vol 1. Chapter 4Released
Hanamachi Monogatari Vol 1. Third NightReleased

Release #24: Almost to the end!

Hello to all fans of Yaoi and Aya. This day we bring you the penultimate chapter of Kuroneko. Hope you enjoy it as much as us. We regret the delay, it happens that we have very little staff, so it’s hard to bring many chapters but we do our best. For people who ask if we’re dead, NO. Still alive, but at our own pace. Be patient.

On the other hand, if you really like and want to help Aya Sakyo as cleaner, typesseter or translator you are welcome, we have more mangas of her, but we need your help. Especially with the typesseting at least for now.


Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata Vol 1. Chapter 4 –Released

Release #23: Much more than a simple love~

Hello to all. I hope we have not missed much xDD. Today the continuations of two beautiful mangas. We thank them for Cave Scanlations, because with them we have a joint, which we brought today. The other manga that we share is … of our beloved Samamiya. Hope you enjoy them and if they see that we are so active is because we need more staff. ALL positions.

On the other hand I wanted to mention two things. The first is that URGENT NEED OF CHINESE AND JAPANESE TRANSLATORS. Besides EXPERIENCED CLEANER AND TYPESSETER. Please contact me with any interested party to


Hanamachi Monogatari Vol 1. Second NightReleased
HAL Vol 1. Chapter 2 & 3Released