Release #29: Surprises and bad news

Hi all~

We want to give a beautiful surprise with these three chapters we made with love for you. Enjoy them! I will be brief. In these updates, as well as surprises, not all joy. Most of our staff has gone or is missing, so we are almost to drift. So, if you really love this group or at least they like even a little, we ask for your cooperation. I know it’s difficult to help because everyone has their studies and personal lives, but we are slowly dying and it’s true. Many people have asked across Facebook if we would cancel certain manga. The answer is NO. But very slow going because we have three translators only.


It really is very urgent. Already I do not know how say to help us. Not to scare you, but we are worse than bad.


Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata Vol 1. Chapter 2Released
Himananode Hajimete Mimashita. Vol 1. OneshotReleased
Ten Count Vol 1. Chapters 2.5 / 03Released


37 comentarios sobre “Release #29: Surprises and bad news

    1. Of course you could help! I’m an editor from the staff and if you want I’ll help you. My mail is karuna0993@gmail so if you wat to help us out send me a message telling me if you want to be a typesetter or a cleaner, thank you!

  1. Thank you for your hardwork! <333 Anyway, pardon me but a translation line in Ten Count ch3 tickled my literature conscience xD — I believe the book Tadaomi-san bought was Murakami Haruki-sensei's and it is actually translated as 'Norwegian Wood' instead of 'Norwegian Forest' (eventho yes, the Japanese title is ノルウェイの森). I know it's nothing different but idk I can't seem to rest if I didn't tell you, sorry for that. x)) Everything else is perfect, I s'pose, as far as my limited skill in Japanese can understand lol. Great job~ ❤

    – Abby

  2. Thank you so very much! I wish i could help but i have never done any of the things that u need help with :(( I pray that u find help soon. Keeping my fingers crossed ^.^

    Love u guys, hang in there :***

  3. Thank you so much for the release 😀 Sorry can’t help with the recruitment issue as the only thing I can do is proofreading but the position seems to be closed already 😦

    Have a lovely weekend and hope you’ll find some staff soon…

  4. Please recruit some editors too. There are no positions listed but the quality of the English in the translations has really deteriorated to the point of not being totally comprehensible at times :S

  5. guys, just a suggestion, maybe you could look for a proofreader? There are a bunch of grammatical mistakes in every release and sometimes it’s difficult to understand the sentences. But don’t think I’m ungrateful or something, on the contrary, I’m very glad that I can read works from my favorite mangaka! So thank you!


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