Sweet Blood (KIM Se-Young)

Type: Manhwa
Genre: Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Yaoi
Alternate Name: 달콤한 피
Status: 4 volume (Ongoing)
Original Publisher: 현대지능개발사 (Ruvill)
Artist: KIM Se-Young
Author: KIM Se-Young

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in Polish: Principles of Lust
Traslated in Russian: Hascome
Traslated in Italian: EVA production
Translated in French: Yaoi Boys


Suho is a high school student normal… But he leads a difficult life, because his parents aren’t interested in him. Furthermore, after a strange dream, he woke up with mysterious injuries on the neck and wrist.

Elsewhere, the king of Southern Fantasy World is facing a serious problem: lack of blood, the lack of which causes a drastic reduction of his fighting power. He must find humans and take their blood. Therefore, his servant and his dragon are looking for a human to satisfy their master.

They end up meeting Suho, whose blood is particularly sweet. When the dragon asks him to follow them, Suho accepts to escape to his miserable life. But there’s a problem: the king hates boys. The dragon suggests dressing up in girl to Suho, hoping the king doesn’t notice.


// Volume 1 //

Chapters 1 to 7: Other Group

// Volume 2 //

Chapter 8: –Here
Chapter 9: –Here
Chapter 10: –Here
Chapter 11: –Here

Release #30: More Joints :3

Hello everyone. What I have to say today , besides to this update is
an announcement that I wanted you to read, so you can know what

We have started very recently, we don’t have more than a year. And in
that period we have been through a lot , both good and bad, but we’ve
always tried to do our best . While there are groups with more years ,
more experience, more people , etc. NOBODY has the right to come to
criticize our work without even offering help. Because it is very easy
to point out mistakes and not do anything to help, anyone can do that
and that position is super comfortable. So for those who want to
criticize our work, come, but with a solution and not with more
problems, anyone can do that. And who does not like our work, I
encourage you to buy the manga politely if it’s licensed in your
country or read raws or whatever strikes your fancy. Why I’m saying
all of this? The answer is simple. People who points out errors
comfortably in the chair of their house without doing anything to help
bothers me a lot. I have said many times that we are very few in the
staff and we are now in a crisis, perhaps many don’t care because they
think we are a mediocre team , but for those people and for everyone I
say: WE DO THE BEST WE CAN! I hope I have made that perfectly clear!
We accept tips , CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, whatever. But with RESPECT
and nothing of coming demanding to us.
I’m sorry if you think I’m crazy, I’m too hard, sensitive, angry or
whatever, but it’s the truth. Everyone or most people think of groups
as machines translating, editing… manga and there are people
involved, problems, etc. .

It’s all I have to say , if you like it alright and if you don’t like
it alright too . We are are like this and we don’t hope that everyone
understands us.



Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata Vol 1. Chapter 3 [End] –Released
Kamitoki no Resist Vol 1. Chapter 4 –Released
Ten Count Vol 1. Chapters 03v2 / 04 –Released

Kamitoki no Resist

Type: Manga
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Shoujo, Supernatural
Alternate Name: Resist Destiny (Germany) / Tales of Men Who Persist Justice and Resist Destiny
Status: 3 Volumes Complete
Magazine: Asuka (Kadokawa)
Artist: Yamada Shiro
Author: Yamada Shiro
Joint: Cave Scanlations & yummymanga

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in Italian: DC scanlations



A red thread that entwines their fate thicker than blood, deeper than destiny.

The Jinkishi, who keeps the demons (youki) sealed in the Capital has died and his magic has dissipated. Hayato has come from Tokyo to the Capital to claim the seat of the Jinkishi. However it’s the blood of the Shihoudou family that inherits this power, and the possessor, Jin, has no interest or desire in the Jinkishi. As the story unfolds they are chained together by the red spell of fate.


// Volume 1 //

Chapters 1-3: Other group
Chapter 4: –Here
Chapter 5: –Here