Release #30: More Joints :3

Hello everyone. What I have to say today , besides to this update is
an announcement that I wanted you to read, so you can know what

We have started very recently, we don’t have more than a year. And in
that period we have been through a lot , both good and bad, but we’ve
always tried to do our best . While there are groups with more years ,
more experience, more people , etc. NOBODY has the right to come to
criticize our work without even offering help. Because it is very easy
to point out mistakes and not do anything to help, anyone can do that
and that position is super comfortable. So for those who want to
criticize our work, come, but with a solution and not with more
problems, anyone can do that. And who does not like our work, I
encourage you to buy the manga politely if it’s licensed in your
country or read raws or whatever strikes your fancy. Why I’m saying
all of this? The answer is simple. People who points out errors
comfortably in the chair of their house without doing anything to help
bothers me a lot. I have said many times that we are very few in the
staff and we are now in a crisis, perhaps many don’t care because they
think we are a mediocre team , but for those people and for everyone I
say: WE DO THE BEST WE CAN! I hope I have made that perfectly clear!
We accept tips , CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, whatever. But with RESPECT
and nothing of coming demanding to us.
I’m sorry if you think I’m crazy, I’m too hard, sensitive, angry or
whatever, but it’s the truth. Everyone or most people think of groups
as machines translating, editing… manga and there are people
involved, problems, etc. .

It’s all I have to say , if you like it alright and if you don’t like
it alright too . We are are like this and we don’t hope that everyone
understands us.



Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata Vol 1. Chapter 3 [End] –Released
Kamitoki no Resist Vol 1. Chapter 4 –Released
Ten Count Vol 1. Chapters 03v2 / 04 –Released


28 comentarios sobre “Release #30: More Joints :3

  1. Oh dear, seems that you’ve had a bad day *hug*
    I think since we’re all amateur who loves doing something to tribute to the manga we adore, and we’re doing it for free, we don’t deserve critical comments – No one deserves that. There’s nothing called “perfect scanlations”, too – By approaching free scanslation, people has to have that in mind. So I greatly appreciate the scanlations group’s hard work. Somes like to use harsh words or using their words carelessly, so don’t you be sad or take it to heart! *hug again*

    Thanks for the releases, too! Seems that I can’t download from SkyDrive, I tried several times and on multi browser but I still…can’t. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Have a great holiday ❤ Smile, 'kay?

  2. You have my utmost gratitude for your group’s selfless effort. I don’t have the skills nor the talent to scanlate and my hat’s off to people like you who strive to share what you have with others like me.

    I have enjoyed your works and hope to enjoy more for years to come. Hugs!

  3. Thanks so much for your releases and for your work, I really appreciate it!
    I think you are right, just criticizing alone is not good without any advice or help offer, sadly there are always people like that, don’ t let them upset you!

  4. Oh, that’s horrible… People in the internet can be very hurtful. You are doing this as fan to fans, with the only purpose of sharing your work to help people who are, for any reason, to read this manga in its original language. It’s a shame that there are people criticizing your work! I don’t know what they are talking about, btw, I think Paradise Love always do a good work, specially if we take in consideration that you are a very young team! I hope you don’t feel discouraged by it! Be sure that there are people out there that are supportive of your work, me included! And, above all, we are very grateful for the manga you are sharing with us! I got to know some artists and series through Paradise Love’s releases, so I find very sad that there are people throwing shade (my inner drag queen couldn’t miss the opportunity to use this expression!) at you…

    Thank you so much for this release! I’m enjoying 10 Count very much!

  5. If they complain without helping, they are merely a speedbump in life.
    By the way, if you have a v2 of ch4, here are little things:
    Lower right caption on page 3 is missing a space before During and the word “A” before Tea Break.
    P. 4. lower right is missing a space between Kakami and is.
    Lower right: “It seems to take more time until he goes out” may be better as “it seems that it will be longer until he can leave”. It’s probably should be He’s only because while the leg is causing the discomfort, his boss is the one feeling it.
    Possibly on p. 6, “Next Two Week” might better be “Week after next” but you have the original so yours might be better.
    Page 12: Need comma after No in No, not nervous at all.
    Page 19: Top of the page: In here, … may be better as: In here, there is no way that I can do something like that.
    Page 22: 2nd frame may be better as: Aren’t you the one … who has to bear with it, Kurose kun?
    Granted, you can take these comments and ignore them completely. After all, this is a hobby of what you do in your free time so I am thankful for what you can accomplish.
    From the look of the web site, it looks like Spanish is the primary language which may be why these items were different or came off as a little unexpected.
    I would be replying in Spanish that the work that you do makes me happy but I would only get as far as “Me gusta”

  6. Just ignore those people! They have no right to complain about the work that you guys voluntarily give up your time to do, especially if they aren’t being nice about it. Don’t let them get to you!

    There are many of us that appreciate your hard work, you don’t get enough recognition for your hard work.

    Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into these releases. 加油! 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for the releases 😀 I’m part of a few scanlation teams as well so can understand why you’re annoyed with such people… we use our own free time so fans like ourselves would be able to enjoy the works which may not be available in other countries/languages otherwise so if people give criticism for the hell of it and not constructive ones, I’d be really irritated as well… just ignore them, they’re not worth it…

  8. Don’t take those comments to heart. There will always be someone criticizing your work but there are many others who appreciate what you are doing. Thank you so much for your hard work ❤

  9. I want to tell you only one thing:

    I’m sorry you go through this. Ignore them, they do not deserve your consideration.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Hello! This is my first time coming to this website. I followed the manga “Ten Count” to this place and I just want to thank you and everyone else involved for their dedication and awesome work! It’s definitely a highlight in my day to read a story I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy otherwise considering the circumstances! So, really, you all have my gratitude! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 😀

  11. Thank you so much for all your hard work! And that’s really what it is. Hard work that you don’t have to do at all. I’m sorry your generosity was ruined by jerks. Just remember, for every coward that gives you grief hidden behind their computer, there are at least 10 people who are super appreciative and frankly, we think the sun shines out of your butt. ^^

  12. thank youuu very much!!! i was wating for ten count!. this manga is so adorable-! thank you girls for your effort, we really apreciate it!!

    thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! 😀

  13. It sucks to hear that. You’re right though, it’s easy to say mean things & to criticize people without doing anything to help. I’m just simply grateful for your hard work & for sharing your releases. Thank you as well, this time. I hope the haters and ingrates go away, and things get better for you soon. =)


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