Release #33: Meow~


Today we bring you two beautiful mangas. Hope you enjoy a lot. We thank all our staff for help.

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Kuroneko Kareshi No Aishikata Chapter 1Released
Ten Count Vol 1. Chapter 05Released

Kuroneko Kareshi No Aishikata

Type: Manga
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Smut, Yaoi
Alternate Name:
Kuroneko Kareshino Aishikata
Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishi kata
Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishi-kata
Status: 2 chapter (Ongoing)
Magazine: Dear+
Artist: Aya Sakyo [左京亜也]
Author: Aya Sakyo [左京亜也]
Joint: Bl-Gyaru

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Translated in Vietnamese: TuHanDong
Traslated in Russian: Aikan team 
Traslated in Portuguese: Addictive Pleasure
Traslated in Polish: Dracaena
Traslated in Bahasa Indonesia: B&T (Beryaoi & Teryaoi)
Translated in Italian: BDS


Sequel to Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata


Chapter 1: –Here
Chapter 2: –Here
Chapter 3: In progress…

Release #32: Happy new year 2014!!


Although too late, we want to wish you a beautiful start to the year. We hope you have enjoyed this holiday so much with all your loved ones. However little, here we bring you the extra Kuroneko, with which we end the manga.

On the other hand wanted to thank new translators who applied, we hope you will join us for long. Also our beloved yuukiXzero who helps us a lot with editing and is very fast and neat.

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Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata Vol 1. Extra –Released