Kuroneko Kareshi No Aishikata

Type: Manga
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Smut, Yaoi
Alternate Name:
Kuroneko Kareshino Aishikata
Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishi kata
Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishi-kata
Status: 2 chapter (Ongoing)
Magazine: Dear+
Artist: Aya Sakyo [左京亜也]
Author: Aya Sakyo [左京亜也]
Joint: Bl-Gyaru

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Translated in Vietnamese: TuHanDong
Traslated in Russian: Aikan team 
Traslated in Portuguese: Addictive Pleasure
Traslated in Polish: Dracaena
Traslated in Bahasa Indonesia: B&T (Beryaoi & Teryaoi)
Translated in Italian: BDS


Sequel to Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata


Chapter 1: –Here
Chapter 2: –Here
Chapter 3: In progress…


26 comentarios sobre “Kuroneko Kareshi No Aishikata

  1. Hi, just wanted to know if you guys are still continuing this series. It has been a while and a lot of us are curious. Hope you can tell us! 🙂 Thank you for the hard work!

  2. Hello! Is the scanlation of this series still being continued? I have been wondering about it since your initial release of the 1st chapter and since it seems like the final chapter for the series in Chinese has already been released. Thanks!


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