Release #37: A new beginning <3


Today we bring you a cute Kanda Neko premiere. It is a sweet and sexy story. Hope you like it a lot. All thanks to Xi Jie who offered to help with this manga. On the other hand, may note that we have completed two of our mangas. Promote joint with our friends from Cave Scanlations, and another of our beloved babies.As old mangas are gone, new ones come. But for that, you have to help us. We are in crisis. While all the time seems to say the same, it’s the truth. All who are running away and do nothing.

I will arm an entry to see what we need, where we’re going and how is the situation.

Status of some mangas.

Houyou Jikken -Joint with Game Over Or Continue
Shuuten Unknown -Joint with Rain Over Paradise
Brother★Shuffle! -Joint with Girls’ Generation Scanlations


Hanamachi Monogatari Vol 1. Epilogue [End] -Released-
Himananode Hajimete Mimashita. Vol 1. Chapters 4-5 -Released-
Ai to Kairaku no Jouken Vol 1. Chapter 1 -Released-

Next Update: Shuuten Unknown + New Manga.


23 comentarios sobre “Release #37: A new beginning <3

  1. I’m happy to read todays wonderful releases, thank you very much for your continued hard work on all wonderful series to share!!

  2. Thanks so much for all of the releases, I hope you can find people for your projects and nice to see the joint with Rain Over Paradise for Shuuten Unknown 😀


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