Release #39: Very Happy!! Why? Shhh~

I am very happy to bring you this update. We’ve made it with love. I am very grateful to Sara, because this helping us in all positions in these difficult times. The truth adore much. On the other hand wanted to warn you that the next update will have many more chapters to this. On the other hand wanted to make a clarification. This group may not have the best quality, the best editing or whatever, but everything we do is done with effort, love and dedication. So, do not complain, help. Because it is very easy to point defects and stay comfortably seated in their chairs doing nothing. That can be done by anyone.

Finally. We need:

Chinese translators for these mangas: Soshite Bokura Wa Koi O Suru, Danshaku no Aijin, Messiah – Seiiki Ishuu, plus mangas news. And Korean for Sweet Blood.

Interested, mail to

Shuuten Unknown Vol 2. Chapter 5 -Released-
Karen~Yamada Shiro & Kaoru Iwamoto. Chapter 5 -Released-
Sweet Blood Vol 2. Chapter 10 -Released-


19 comentarios sobre “Release #39: Very Happy!! Why? Shhh~

  1. thank u so much for the new releases, and we r so grateful to u because u bring us this wonderful projects, and whoever complain about ur work r a clueless people who know nothing about how hard to do all the translating cleaning editing! so if u can do just a oneshot without having a headache or try to give up without completing so u have no right to judge people!! so thank u so much for u all for all the hard work 😀
    by the way can i ask if u r still working on “Kuroneko Kareshino Aishikata” no pressure i just want to make sure! and thanks once again for ur dedication, love u ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ


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