Release #46: Come back Brother Shuffle~!

Today we bring you the update of the day. We were going to update yesterday, but had some problems. But today we bring. Hope you enjoy it a lot. From now on you can enjoy this beautiful manga thanks to our friends from Girls’ Generation Scanlations.

We need cleaner, redraw (with experience) and translators of Chinese and Japanese. 

Brother★Shuffle! Vol 1. Chapter 2 Released
Ai to Kairaku no Jouken Vol 1. Chapter 3 Released

Release #45: Happy, happy >0<

Hey guys! Today we bring you two beautiful mangas. One is a premiere. The new work of Tooko Miyagi. And another exciting chapter of Ten Count. We need cleaner, redraw (with experience) and translators of Chinese and Japanese.

Tsume to Toge Vol 1. Chapter 1Released
Ten Count Vol 2. Chapter 12 Released

Tsume to Toge

Type: Manga
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
Alternate Name: Tsume to Toge
爪と棘, Tsume to Ibara
Nails and Thorns (Spines)
Status: 2 Chapter (Ongoing)
Magazine: iHr Hertz (Taiyo Tosho)
Artist: Tooko Miyagi
Author: Tooko Miyagi
Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in Portuguese: Yaoi Toshokan
Translated in Italian: Himmel
Traslated in French: Black Butterfly


Nanao Shuuji left his hometown where his family runs a well-known chain of supermarkets, and became a part-time teacher at a cram school. One day the son of his father’s mistress, Takatou Kazuomi, appears before him. Shuuji once confronted Kazuomi’s mother, and also injured Kazuomi as well. Kazuomi made use of Shuuji’s weakness in order to keep getting financial aid from his father, and ordered Shuuji to help him, while blackmailing Shuuji with a particular photo…?!


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1: –Here
Chapter 2: –Here
Chapter 3: –Here
Chapter 4: –Here
Chapter 5: –Here
Chapter 6: –Here– [End]

Notice #5: CLEANER!

Do you like mangas we do? Well, now’s your chance to be part of this beautiful family. We need cleaner and redraw with very experienced. The post of cleaner is always open, but only for people with great experience because we do not have someone to teach them. We are also in need of proofreaders. We need two. They must meet the following requirements. Having a very critical eye for misspellings, grammatical errors, incorrect tenses, etc. Having time for deliveries. They will be given a deadline and always have to respect it. If you do not think can meet these requirements, do not send mail. Same goes for cleaners. If you do not have enough experience, not sending mail.

We hope more people will join, because we need them. If you want yaoi, cute guys and cookies, this is your place.


Morning update Ten Count, plus some surprises. I know that chapter 12 , is in ‘Mangago’ long ago. I do not care. The reader is free to read whatever you want and wherever, so I do not want more comment offensive. If you do not like our work do not bother to read us, has other pages. For the last time I’ll mention it. Not cancel any manga, including Ten Count. Is that clear?!

Release #44: Aura and mysteries~

Hi Fujoshi and Fundahis~

Today we bring you two beautiful mangas. One is Torikago Syndrome, in which the mysteries continue. And the other is the new work of Maruya Kae. Hope you enjoy. Thank you very much to all the staff for helping.

We need more staff. Contact us at:

Redraw with experience, Translators (Japanese and Chinese)

Renai Prism Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released
Torikago Syndrome Vol 2. Chapter 6 –Released

Renai Prism

Type: Manga
Genre: Romance,School Life, Yaoi
Alternate Name: 恋愛プリズム
Ren’ai Purizumu
Ren’ai Prism
Love Prism
Status: 1 volume (Complete)
Magazine: Chara
Artist: Maruya Kae
Author: Maruya Kae

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in Italian: Manga Cosmo
Traslated in Portuguese: Sukinime


Hiroto Kahara see the aura of people from childhood and learned to hide his gift to his life would not be affected. Kahara knows all that concealed on a person’s aura color and its unique tranquility and quiet are the pure colors of children Kitagara discovered when he meets a prism of colors you want to decipher.


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1: –Here
Chapter 2: –Here
Chapter 3: –Here
Chapter 4: –Here
Chapter 5:-Here
Extra 1:
Extra 2: