Renai Prism

Type: Manga
Genre: Romance,School Life, Yaoi
Alternate Name: 恋愛プリズム
Ren’ai Purizumu
Ren’ai Prism
Love Prism
Status: 1 volume (Complete)
Magazine: Chara
Artist: Maruya Kae
Author: Maruya Kae

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Traslated in Italian: Manga Cosmo
Traslated in Portuguese: Sukinime


Hiroto Kahara see the aura of people from childhood and learned to hide his gift to his life would not be affected. Kahara knows all that concealed on a person’s aura color and its unique tranquility and quiet are the pure colors of children Kitagara discovered when he meets a prism of colors you want to decipher.


// Volume 1 //

Chapter 1: –Here
Chapter 2: –Here
Chapter 3: –Here
Chapter 4: –Here
Chapter 5:
Extra 1:
Extra 2:


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