Release #52: Happy Halloween~!

Happy Halloween to all. We want to wish to have a chilling party. We bring you two lovely surprises and also two interesting histories. This would not have been possible but thanks to some reliable staff we have.

Desperately looking for translators of Chinese and Japanese to help also experienced cleaner. {}

Tsume to Toge Vol 1. Chapter 2 –Released
Heart o Nusumu no wa Dare da Vol 1. Chapter 3 –Released
Dramatical Murder Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released
Oukoku no Ko Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released


30 comentarios sobre “Release #52: Happy Halloween~!

  1. What a Happy Halloween you are giving us, These year’s treat is great 😛 Thanks a lot for new tateno Makoto¡s release, she is indeed one of my favourites yaoi artitsts, It was also a surprise Dramatical Murder manga, let’s hope this one doesn’t turno shoujo like its precedent TnC :(…. I also liked Tsume to Toge chapter 1 a lot, thanks a lot for ch2. A lot of kisses :************** And HAPPY HALLOWEEEN for you too 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for Heart o Nusumu no wa Dare da, I have fallen in love with the story since the first chapter and was waiting so long for an update ^^

  3. Thank you very much for all these wonderful releases and the pile of hard work to share them with us, I’m really delighted to read!!
    I wish you all a VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN as well!!


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