Notice #7: What the fuck?

Gif Pokemon animado enojado kawaii frustrado

I’m really angry. And even this animated gif even not represents my anger. Why? Because a person who helped us with the translation of a chapter threatened us to talk to a lawyer because we get confused and in the credits we use his real name (by mistake). The most logical thing is to write us, saying, “Could change the name for a fantasy name, please because it’s my real name and do not want to appear”. Is not it a right way to address a person? Besides I did not on purpose. But she told me:

I never gave you permission to use my real name. I specifically told you to use my internet chosen name. I will report you to a lawyer, and we will find you via your IP address if this is not resolved immediately.

Remove that and any page with my real name on it on your own scanlation site and you are responsible for any scans uploaded on mangafox, manga helper, etc. You have one week to resolve this issue or I will have a lawyer with me and I will charge you for privacy infringement, end of story.

For this reason, I am going to ask a favor, to all our readers and the people who run online sites like: MangaFox, Mangago, Batoto, etc, that change the credits in Chapter 9 of “Ten Count” by these new that I leave then.
If not, unfortunately, thanks to this type of people, we have to close the group because we not want have legal problems. It hurts so much that everything has gone so far. And all because no one can speak civilly without threat. Do they think that you do things on purpose? They never in life suffered mistakes? And what do they do?
Ever they respond well? With threats?

The truth i’m angry and disappointed.