Notice #7: What the fuck?

Gif Pokemon animado enojado kawaii frustrado

I’m really angry. And even this animated gif even not represents my anger. Why? Because a person who helped us with the translation of a chapter threatened us to talk to a lawyer because we get confused and in the credits we use his real name (by mistake). The most logical thing is to write us, saying, “Could change the name for a fantasy name, please because it’s my real name and do not want to appear”. Is not it a right way to address a person? Besides I did not on purpose. But she told me:

I never gave you permission to use my real name. I specifically told you to use my internet chosen name. I will report you to a lawyer, and we will find you via your IP address if this is not resolved immediately.

Remove that and any page with my real name on it on your own scanlation site and you are responsible for any scans uploaded on mangafox, manga helper, etc. You have one week to resolve this issue or I will have a lawyer with me and I will charge you for privacy infringement, end of story.

For this reason, I am going to ask a favor, to all our readers and the people who run online sites like: MangaFox, Mangago, Batoto, etc, that change the credits in Chapter 9 of “Ten Count” by these new that I leave then.
If not, unfortunately, thanks to this type of people, we have to close the group because we not want have legal problems. It hurts so much that everything has gone so far. And all because no one can speak civilly without threat. Do they think that you do things on purpose? They never in life suffered mistakes? And what do they do?
Ever they respond well? With threats?

The truth i’m angry and disappointed.


20 comentarios sobre “Notice #7: What the fuck?

  1. OMG
    by all means this is one a heck of news
    sorry not to degrade you or anything, honestly no one gonna notice the credit page, their just want to read the new update of the manga for sure
    so why have to bother a Lawyer ? if no one gonna notice or remember your real name or not?
    I as your update stalker Thank you all for your hard work per se, but Honestly I’m not gonna remember all of the name in the credit *forgive me
    this is just my opinion
    Sorry if my words offend you girls, but I’m just trying to be honest

  2. WTH!
    what is this person actually thinking about… If its’s a year old stroy, how come he/she just realize this now. Beside, a small problem like this can easy solve. There is no need to involve law. I really want to know what’s going through his mind.

    I can empthy with what happen to you. Hope you get well soon. Please let us know if there is a improvement in the situation.


  3. This is ridiculous, pardon me but that person will use law? For what? For proving that he/she was involved in illegal thing? Don’t make me laugh.
    Besides, who can tell that’s somebody’s real name? And even that particular person name? Nobody use real name for these kinds of things, and with all due respect, few people even read credit pages.
    These are idle threats, but still, you should comply and change credit page since that’s one of the translator’s wish (which you already did) and right thing to do.

  4. sounds bad… what are you gonna do now? Would it be possible to change everything in 1 week? there are so many mangareaders out there to say. I’ll help you find but I’ll send via contact.

  5. I gotta say that she is very stupid if she thinks she can bring this to a lawyer, cause she herself is doing a criminal act and violating copyright rights for translating stuff for you.

    So question is: Is she stupid enough to go to a lawyer with this and take the risk of being charged of it herself?

  6. Ouch….I’m so sorry to hear about this incident that happening to you, I just hope everything gets to be resolved soon and this thing didn’t discouraged you. Please be at ease that there’re still many people here that love and appreciate everything you did in scanlating and working on all of these wonderful projects for us despite your busy schedule IRL!!^_^

  7. Wow!!! To carry it that far… you’re right; all she had to do was just send you an email asking to take her real name off. Sheesh! Sorry you have to experience such nonsense. I really enjoy your group and I wish the best for you!

  8. sorry I tried reuploading the chapter with the right credit page in a few sites, like mangafox, mangahere and some other but they haven’t changed it :/

  9. oh my, I am so sorry to hear this. What a way to behave! Couldn’t she resolve this without bringing in a lawyer? If she’s so scared, then why is she offering to translate? She could have avoided this entre thing if she had simply said she wanted to remain anonomyous. Geez.

  10. Wow, that’s a new one…. How in the world did it come to this?! One would usually notice and act instantly, not after a year. I understand that person is frustrated too, but bringing up a lawyer is going too far. If he didn’t overreact like that, everyone would have thought that it was just an alias– not like that name gives out any particular feeling anyway… I am really sorry to hear about this sad incident. Hopefully it will resolve by itself soon as he cools down to his senses.


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