Release #63: Delicious abundance~

Hello everyone ~
Today we bring you many cute mangas. Among them is Sweet Blood, we have not updated in a while. They also share the end of Tsume to Toge. In addition we continue Saiyaku. We are happy to introduce another manga of Aya, enjoy every surprise. THANKS VERY MUCH TO ALL THE STAFF!!!!

We need translators with much urgency of Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Cleaner, and Redraw. We are also looking for a kind person, who wants us to share their scans of the following mangas:

♥Hana to chou
♥Sweet Blood (Vol 5 onwards)
♥Renai Prism
♥Oukoku no Ko (Vol 2 onwards)
♥Dramatical murder
♥Rental Hearts

We plan to continue the manga: “Jadou by Oki Mamiya” but we need a translator of Japanese interested, besides of cleaner.

Saiyaku wa Boku o Suki Sugiru Vol 3. Chapter 17-18 –Released
12 Toki (12-ji) Kara Hajimaru Vol 1. Chapter 1 –Released
Tsume to Toge Vol 1. Chapter 5-6 [End] –Released
Sweet Blood Vol 2. Chapter 11 –Released


26 comentarios sobre “Release #63: Delicious abundance~

  1. Thanks so much for the Saiyaku releases, and for all your hard work. Really do hope you’ll find the staff/scans needed for those other manga! (Especially Jadou, Oukoku no Ko and Dramatical Murder…)

  2. OMG Saiyaku!!! And a new release by my fav author. Also congratulations on finishing another series!! Thank you very much for your hard work!


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