Release #66: More Hanayome <3

Hello everybody

Today finally we share more chapters of Hanayome with love and sacrifice. we wanted to comment that we need a lot of help. You want to see faster updates of your favorite manga? come and help. We need translators of Japanese, Korean and Chinese. In addition to cleaner, redraw and typesetter.

On the other hand, they wanted to warn that the manga “Demian Syndrome” will be completed by our friends from Bamboo Feathers because we do not have enough staff to finish and the people we had joint not appear.

To enjoy. See you in the next update~! ^0^

Hanayome wa 17-sai Vol 1. Chapter 3 and 4  –Released–

#We are not dead#

Hello everyone. How are you so long?

I wanted to inform you that we are not inactive. We continue to work on all our projects. We are doing everything we can with the little staff we have. Soon we will bring you an update with many cute mangas.

Another thing I wanted to clarify is that we have seen that a person named Silverivy13 are using translations of the Spanish group “Sweet Yaoi Fansub” without any permission to continue mangas that we are working very hard. I do not know if is the same person, but there is more mangas that we work we and is exactly the same and above all puts our credit like if we and did and that is not so. We have not yet updated.

For example with Hatsujou. The truth, I get very angry because we strive everything we can. Remember that everyone has a life after this.

On the other hand, we need editors with great urgency, because the few staff that we have are very busy with their studies. In addition to: Cleaner and Redraw, Translators of Japanese and Chinese.