Release #68: Happy New Year!

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A year that goes away… full of joy, work, love and many sleeves. We hope you enjoyed it.
We do not have many chapters, but if we bring you a nice story thanks to our new translator, which I hope will accompany us for much longer.

On the other hand I tell you that we still need staff:
-Japanese translators
-Cleaner and redraw

Bride of the Fox God~Oneshot –Released


Bride of the Fox God

Type: Manhwa
Genre: Supernatural, Yaoi
Status: Oneshot (Complete)
Artist: Kei
Author: Kei

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub


One day the Shiragami Temple God wants to find a bride to secure the next guardian of the temple. But he does the spell on the wrong person… causing him a terrible confusion and anger.


Oneshot: Here