Do you allow sites such as MangaFox and MangaReader to host your projects?


Yes; unless the project has been licensed for US distribution, we do allow our projects to be uploaded onto hosting sites.


I’m from another scanlation group; are you interested in joint projects?


Of course! If you would like to inquire about doing a project with us, please contact me.


When will the next chapter of ” __________” be out?


Us strives to bring you fast releases of our projects, but our staff members do have lives. So please, don’t ask us this as it can get annoying after a while.


Can I help?


Sure! Since we are new we do not have the staff consists of what we will need all the beautiful people who want to join.


Do we allow our mangas re-translate into other languages​​?


Yes, except the Spanish. We have no problem as long as they respect our conditions set out below:


-Do not remove our credit
-Do not remove our watermark (that means, do not add your own watermark)
-NO Submanga upload it. With the rest no problem (which is Batoto prefer).

If we give you permission to retranslate any of our projects, under no circumstances can give permission to another group to re-translate it into another language. If we do not respect the above, you can not ask more than any of our mangas. You are warned.

Obviously you must send an email specifying which project you want, leaving your data (name of your group, a link to your site or forum language that will be re-translated and if you need our raws and translations). If it does miss some information that will lead to not give them permission. paradiselovescanlations@hotmail.com


Your question does not appear in this section? Send me a PM and make me the questions you want, I will answer you shortly.




The Staff of PLS~


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  1. Hi first of all thank you for your hard working. I want to ask you if you would consider translating “Uta no Prince-sama” and “Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 2000% “? thank you again.


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