Notice # 4 ~Urgent~


We need translators of Chinese and Japanese for many Yaoi mangas. In addition we plan to include Shoujo. But mostly we need translators for: *Jadou (Japanese) / *Demian Syndrome (Japanese). We are preparing a huge upgrade. So, wait.



Translator Japanese / Chinese

Redraw and Cleaner with experience

Release #41: Omg~ ^0^

Hi all, today we bring you another exciting chapter of Ten Count, in addition to a beautiful chapter of Neko Kanda. These days we have received a lot of help, so, I wanted to thank everyone who extended us a hand, instead of complaining about the poor quality.

Now without further ado, enjoy them. // By the way, I forgot. We need more cleaners and redraw. Mail to

Everyone have free to do what you want. We will not cancel anything.

Ten Count Vol 2. Chapter 10 -Released-
Ai to Kairaku no Jouken Vol 1. Chapter 2 -Released-

Release #40: Happy and angry.

In these updates, we bring you Chapter 9 of Ten Count. All thanks to our friendly translators who have done very well. Thanks to Sara, Mica and Hassen Aisha, who unfortunately is no longer with us.

I’ve seen out there, who have done Chapter 9 of Ten Count. Right now I am very angry. Why? Well, it frustrates me that when I ask someone to help no one appears able to continue, however, can not wait and instead of coming to help us choose to do on your own. I will not criticize anyone. But it gives me anger.

Anyway … Finally, I would also like to thank Jessica, who can see through it in the next updates a lot of chapters.

We need more translators of Japanese, Chinese and Korean. In addition to cleaner and redraw.


Ten Count Vol 1. Chapter 09 -Released-

Release #39: Very Happy!! Why? Shhh~

I am very happy to bring you this update. We’ve made it with love. I am very grateful to Sara, because this helping us in all positions in these difficult times. The truth adore much. On the other hand wanted to warn you that the next update will have many more chapters to this. On the other hand wanted to make a clarification. This group may not have the best quality, the best editing or whatever, but everything we do is done with effort, love and dedication. So, do not complain, help. Because it is very easy to point defects and stay comfortably seated in their chairs doing nothing. That can be done by anyone.

Finally. We need:

Chinese translators for these mangas: Soshite Bokura Wa Koi O Suru, Danshaku no Aijin, Messiah – Seiiki Ishuu, plus mangas news. And Korean for Sweet Blood.

Interested, mail to

Shuuten Unknown Vol 2. Chapter 5 -Released-
Karen~Yamada Shiro & Kaoru Iwamoto. Chapter 5 -Released-
Sweet Blood Vol 2. Chapter 10 -Released-

Release #38: Incest?, Mafia?

Hello to all fans. As I promised in the last update. This day we bring you a new manga and chapter 4 of Shuuten Unknown with which we start a joint with ‘Rain Over Paradise’. I remember that originally formed the group had to translate all the beautiful works of Yamada Shiro, our favorite mangaka. And now with effort and hard work we are doing our best to fulfill them.

I also want to thank all the kind people who have responded to my call for help xD.

Shuuten Unknown Vol 1. Chapter 4 -Released-
Karen~Yamada Shiro & Kaoru Iwamoto. Chapters 1-4 -Released-

Karen ~ Yamada Shiro & Kaoru Iwamoto

Type: Manga
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
Alternate Name:
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Magazine: Hertz (Taiyo Tosho)
Artist: Yamada Shiro [山田シロ]
Author: Kaoru Iwamoto [岩本薫]

Traslated in Spanish: Sweet Yaoi Fansub
Translated in Italian: Manga Cosmo
Traslated in Portuguese: Addictive Pleasure
Traslated in Russian: Blue Blaze


Brothers Masaki and Kai are reunited after 7 years apart when their father passes away. With their reunion brings the question ‘Who will be the one to succeed the family?


Chapter 1: -Here-
Chapter 2: -Here-
Chapter 3: -Here-
Chapter 4: -Here-
Chapter 5: -Here-
Epilogue [End]:

Release #37: A new beginning <3


Today we bring you a cute Kanda Neko premiere. It is a sweet and sexy story. Hope you like it a lot. All thanks to Xi Jie who offered to help with this manga. On the other hand, may note that we have completed two of our mangas. Promote joint with our friends from Cave Scanlations, and another of our beloved babies.As old mangas are gone, new ones come. But for that, you have to help us. We are in crisis. While all the time seems to say the same, it’s the truth. All who are running away and do nothing.

I will arm an entry to see what we need, where we’re going and how is the situation.

Status of some mangas.

Houyou Jikken -Joint with Game Over Or Continue
Shuuten Unknown -Joint with Rain Over Paradise
Brother★Shuffle! -Joint with Girls’ Generation Scanlations


Hanamachi Monogatari Vol 1. Epilogue [End] -Released-
Himananode Hajimete Mimashita. Vol 1. Chapters 4-5 -Released-
Ai to Kairaku no Jouken Vol 1. Chapter 1 -Released-

Next Update: Shuuten Unknown + New Manga.