Release #34: We’re not dead!

Hello to all.

In these updates we want to share a new chapter of Ten Count. Each time the story gets more interesting. But not all good news. There are many people coming together to help, but will not complete the mangas, so except for the joints, hems we run out of people to continue with the sleeves. We are going through a difficult situation because we needed all the posts. Again, the joint will not be problems, but the other mangas you are at risk because we have accumulated a lot of assets that have mangas but we have no translations cleaner or editors to help us to finish them.

This is serious. We need translators, and editors cleaner. Responsible people do not want him to run, promises and do nothing. There are already many disappointments because despite the little staff we have and the people we do not support and insults us, we do what we can. Nor is the idea that our group is composed of all joints. We have own mangas. So we need more staff. Again, you’re applying, you must first think and then not wasting our time.

Ten Count Vol 1. Chapter 06 –Released

22 comentarios sobre “Release #34: We’re not dead!

  1. Thank you for the new chapter. (And while I can contribute nothing for now, at least I’m not a tease 😉 Hope you find new staff soon).

  2. Thank you for the hard work:) I hope you’ll find serious people to help you.

    I really like your team!!! You picked such nice and cute series, so cheer up^^ I hope you team will last forever:)

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